Increasing the arsenal of entertainment will lead to the next stage of the industry and new business developments. This kind of thinking is also reflected in our studio as well.
As soon as you come into the entryway you'll be surprised - perplexed, even. As you wait for one of the mirrored doors to open, a feeling of excitement will build. Just what is about to happen here? Once you cross the threshold proper, there are still many fun-house style gimmicks to enjoy, including a secret room revealed behind a sliding bookcase.
We seek to stimulate people's curiosity during the experience of working with us, even just when visiting our place of work.
We ourselves are the ones who must change the perception of what is "common sense" in the creation of entertainment.
If someone takes the lead and provides new sensations, people will evolve. If those of us on the creative side cannot do with, free from fear of change, those who's responsibility it is to deliver entertainment will not be able to complete their duty either.