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Sound Design
Rehearsal Operation
We use AVID ProTools as our main DAW, and for sound design we mainly use Native Instruments. Our fundamental philosophy is to respond on the spot, quickly and accurately, to produce a final product perfectly in keeping with our client's desires, be that during a meeting or during rehearsals.
Furthermore, coming at a project from the perspective of conducting the final operation ourselves allows us to better, more concretely realize the concepts and world view of our clients.


Various Artist's Tour
The first thing required in Manipulator operations is safety. We conduct research & development day and night in order to compose a more fundamentally solid system that yet maintains cutting-edge specs. Furthermore, while seeking to build redundancy into our system, we are also advancing with composition of a cloud network and social network between our staff, ensuring the complete sharing of our operations and data.
These steps mean that we have a system ready to handle any possible risks, including physical damage to machinery or data on-site and human error due to accidents.
This not only allows us to protect the precious business of our customers, but also allows us to easily handle any sudden schedule changes or content updates, and our services continue to be very well received.


Various Artist's Arena Tour
Large scale entertainment projects almost always require more complicated operations. We have created a system that allows for real-time operation as much as possible, not only just for pre-show production but also during the actual event itself.
This allows us to quickly perform expressions or direction on the spot, something that simply relying on prior created data has never allowed in the past, which in turn makes possible the creation of entertainment using new, more flexible ideas.


This has been one of the themes of our company since its founding, and we believe it will continue to be an absolutely vital element in the future. As VR and MR become more commonplace, in creation of virtual reality, from among the 5 senses that we can currently control it is sight and hearing that present the biggest issues.
What this means is that creating something that a person truly feels is real will not be possible just through an evolution of video, or just through an evolution of sound.
The flow of time continues endlessly around us, and an understanding and control of that will become the key to greatly changing the future of VR.
Through live performances and concerts that exceeds 700 annually, our company has spent many years in research and development on this very theme.
The answer we have reached is to control the axis of time.
Music exists within time.
When we placed that music at the center of everything, we moved one step closer to an answer.


For Brand New Experience
Sight. Hearing. Touch. Smell.
In the moment that you achieve control over the time axis for all of the things that can influence these sensations, a completely new form of as of yet unexperienced entertainment will begin.
The feeling of elation, ecstasy, and Body Sonic (vibrations through your body) that occur when surrounded by high resolution music. There is a performance that can only be experienced by the total synchronization of all video, lights, lasers and devices. This is combined with the capacity to repeat this process as many times as required.
We can create an elaborate program of all of these elements and operate them with complete accuracy, suiting a variety of different performances and perfectly matching with the environment in which they occur.