Originally from Tokyo.
Started his career as music composer and arranger from age 20.
Starting as a manipulator for major artists, including TM NETWORK, Miyano Mamoru and Hikaru Utada, he has also worked on sound design, cutting tracks, arrangement and live mixing for a wide range of artists both from Japan and overseas.
He established Sync Live Japan in 2009.
He currently operates as not only a music director and sound producer, but also brings his considerable skills to bear as an overall direction planner.
His hobby is golf.

KOJI KINOSHITAKoji KinoshitaVice President/Sound Design

Originally from Shiga Prefecture.
After picking up a guitar during his junior high school years, he has been obsessed with music ever since.
After moving to Tokyo, he started working as a guitarist and arranger.
He has participated in Sync Live Japan since the founding of the company in 2009.
He has been a guitarist for "Hatsune Miku" live concerts, and performed sound source production, live mixing and Manipulator operation for concerts for a variety of artists, including the "AKB48 Group" and "Nogizaka 46".
He wishes to enhance the importance of music in entertainment and pursue the medium even further.

TOSHIHIDE IWASAToshihide IwasaCTO/Sound Design

Originally from Hokkaido.
After graduating from high school, moved to Tokyo.
There he studied under Tetsuya Komuro.
He participated in every recording & live concert handled by Komuro in the period between 1994 and 2017. In agreement with the ideal of creating music from scratch and the providing unified quality control of sound source works, live concerts and live sound source works, he joined Sync Live Japan in 2017.
He uses his rich experience and intellect to pursue entirely new musical experiences.
His hobbies are conjecture and golf.

YUKI TAKEITakei YukiSound Design

Originally from Kochi Prefecture.
After watching a music program on TV as a junior high student, decided to be involved in a musical career in the future.
Moved to Tokyo to attend university.
While at university he was involved in band, music composition and music arrangement activities, and after graduation he continued to play guitar, bass and keyboard for a variety of bands and artists. Seeking to become more involved in the deeper aspects of music production and show business, in 2013 he joined Sync Live Japan.
He loves all music, from golden-oldies to the latest sounds. (A good guy, loves drinking and a man with spirit)
His hobbies are drinking, dancing and golf.

KOHSHIEN USHIROKohshien UshiroBM/Sound Design

Originally from Kyoto.
A former high school baseball player, well-named for the annual "Koshien" high school baseball tournament.
With an interest in many fields since he was small, he has worked as a cook, bartender, in construction, store custodian, live performance stage management and as a roadie, until joining Sync Live Japan in 2014.
With this colorful past, he uses his superlative skills in every forum to make each live performance the best event possible.
His hobbies are BM and golf.

YUHEI MATSUOKAYuhei MatsuokaSound Design

Originally from Tokyo.
He was interested in music from a young age due to the influence of his family, and started to perform on the drums when he entered junior high school.
After participating in a variety of sessions and bands, he went alone to study music abroad in America.
After returning to Japan, through the activities of his own band and other live events, recording and music work he started to sense the universality and fluidity of live concerts in these times, and seeking more authentic and yet cutting-edge musical entertainment he joined Live Sync Japan in 2015.
His favorite movie "Heat", directed by Michael Mann.

DAI HANAWADai HanawaSound Design

Originally from Tokyo.
Started to play the guitar in high school, and fell in love with music.
After graduating from music school, played in a band and spent 10 years working for a large alcoholic beverage manufacturer. Having worked in such supply-and-demand related areas as production planning and stock management, he finally sought to fulfill his long-held desire of being involved in the music industry and so joined Sync Live Japan in 2016.
He mainly works as manipulator for a wide variety of artists, including the AKB48 Group, and uses his broad and rich social experience to respond to a variety of needs.
He likes rice.

YUKI KOIDEYuki KoideSound Design

Originally from Nagasaki.
Moved to Tokyo after graduating from the engineering department at Nagasaki University.
He learnt about composition and DAW at music schools and other places.
While working in both music and as a web designer, he became very attracted to the idea of manipulator work in live entertainment, and joined Sync Live Japan in 2016.
He works to enhance the enjoyment of a variety of forms of entertainment.

YUKIE KOIZUKAYukie KoizukaSound Design

Originally from Niigata.
Learned classic piano since he was small, and majored in composition and arrangement during his music school years.
Also coming into contact with the world of DAW during that time, he learnt the joy to be found in creating music from scratch and decided to enter the music industry.
After gaining experience, such as by playing in bands, he joined Sync Live Japan in 2017.
He currently is mainly responsible for the NGT48 theater.
He intends to use his experience in composition and arrangement to support the music industry from a variety of viewpoints going forward.

YUKI YOKOOYuki YokooSound Design

Originally from Fukuoka Prefecture.
He started playing the guitar when he was in junior high school, and involved in a band during high school.
After graduating, he studied stage acoustics at a vocational school.
Also interested in composition, he was self-taught in DAW.
Joined Sync Live Japan in 2019, currently in charge of HKT48 Theater.
He will do the best he can to bring smiles and excitement to everyone.
The person he respects most is Jun Maeda.

GAN WANYINGGan WanyingSound Design

Originally from Malaysia.
She became interested in Japanese culture and music at first through Japanese anime, and later decided to study abroad in Japan.
In music vocational school, she studied the basic techniques of music production such as singing, DAW, composition and video editing etc.
Being moved by the company’s vision of creating creative entertainment for the future, she joined Sync Live Japan in 2020.
She strives to support the creation of new form of entertainment, inside and outside Japan, by doing what she can.

KENTARO KITAHARAKentaro KitaharaAccount Exective

Originally from Nagano Prefecture.
After graduating from University, he entered a long-standing music production company.
Working there for 14 years, he experienced management of artists across a variety of genres.
The magazine Weekly Morning currently runs a comic strip with a main character based on Kentaro's time as an up-and-coming manager.
He also worked as a lecturer at a music school for 2 years.
He joined Sync Live Japan in 2013.
Seeking to become involved in the entertainment business specialized for sound making, he is responsible for management of our affiliated staff and studio management as a whole.