野外イベントやアミューズメントパークなどの様々な空間スペースで行われる興行においても、また先進的なVRやMR技術開発においての音響設計も、そのスペース全体に響く音楽や効果音などをDOLBY ATMOSベースでの音響調整だけではなく、映像や演出などと複合的にリンクさせたエンタテインメントとして作り上げていくことが、必要不可欠となってきています。

鈴木 啓

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of SYNC LIVE JAPAN INC. As we head into the next generation, I wish to use this milestone as an opportunity to redefine the role of the company from the perspective of "creating entertainment from music".
When considering what this redefinition will bring about, one example is to be able to perform more creatively, safely and efficiently in Live entertainment business. If we can base our thinking in this kind of approach, there is potential to create many new business developments.
In regards to the entertainment conducted in a variety of spaces, including outdoor events and amusement parks, and also in regard to sound design for cutting-edge VR or MR technology development, it is now becoming vital to not only perform sound adjustment using a DOLBY ATMOS base in order to create music that fills the entire available space, but also to link the music to video and the overall performance in complex and intricate ways in order to create a new form of entertainment.
This is the dilemma that faces us; something that is now becoming vitally required, but that is also still difficult to actually realize. Our solution is for us to take fundamental control of the operation of everything.
This redefinition will also make it easier for us to present answers to our future clients, those who seek to create even more complex and avant-garde forms of entertainment, as well as to those involved in the trail-and-error process of production.
While celebrating the 10th anniversary of our company, we will fuse together our achievements from that time with the knowledge, experience and added value earned from them, and become a group generating truly creative, truly futuristic entertainment. That is the vision we wish to share with you.

Sync Live Japan CEO, Kei Suzuki